I'm a civil engineer by trade. Sage is a soft-tissue structural engineer for the human body. My work requires travel internationally. Sage is a master at unwinding the toll travel has on my body. Sage understands how to unleash the deep emotional trauma from wartime stress.

The Trager Approach
John A. / Geneva, FL


I've had a lot of massages and while they can find knot or two they provide temporary relief. Sage not only works out the knots and stress but can find the cause which usually is remote to site of discomfort, treating those areas for prolonged relief.

Advanced Bodywork
Mike N. / Sanford, FL


I'm an avid believer of holistic healing. I've tried dozens of massage therapists and many modalities. Sage has the rare gift of intuitive touch. Her hands and heart release pain in a way that feels gentle and effective. Sage told me once she works WITH the body not ON the body which truly sums up for me, why her approach is unlike so many others I've tried. Our body talks and Sage genuinely listens.

Advanced Bodywork
Laura Owens / Winter Springs, FL


I have arthritis of the back and hips which is painful. With Sage's therapy I am now feeling so very calm and for this I must thank her.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Doris Smart / Oviedo, FL


I sit behind a computer and drive in my car most of my work day. This has resulted in poor posture that has caused pain in my neck and in my lower back. I found myself with chronic pain and limited range of motion. Sage was able to restore proper posture, and relieve the pressure in my neck and back. I now have increased range of motion with no pain. She has also helped my wife who has neck issues with chronic headaches. We both highly recommend her to anyone that is interested in improving their quality of life through drug-free, non-invasive measures.

Advanced Bodywork
Scott / Oviedo, FL


My daughter has a condition called Sensory Integration. One of the recommended therapies is Cranial Sacral. Sage is amazing; she helps my daughter live a normal day to day life! We drive 6 hours to see Sage for therapy as often as we can. We have searched in our area for a therapist but no one has the ability that compares to hers! We highly recommend Sage for any of your therapeutic needs!

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Doreen M. / Chipley, FL


I went in limping. I could barely walk. In one hour Sage miraculously and gently reset my back and hip into proper place. Before seeing the chiropractor for the crunch, the M.D. for drug therapy or letting the surgeon cut you, "See The Sage".

Advanced Bodywork
Manny G. / Orlando, FL


I had the most wonderful healings from Sage Madrone. She healed scar tissue on my lip and face. She took me through a past life for healing purposes. She helped heal the left side of my heart. Sage changed so many imbalances and made me feel much better in my skin! Her healing is the highest level I have ever received. Blessings and love to you, Sage. See you next visit!

Energy Medicine
Dr. Judy Kay Vavrek / Albuquerque, NM


Sage utilizes all the different modalities to unlock the various muscles that have become frozen causing my body to be out of alignment. Through her treatment I not only have my muscles unlocked and aligned but also leave feeling completely relaxed with no stress and I feel my spine is no longer compressed and I am taller as my posture is better. The moment I walk through her door I immediately begin to unwind. It also has been very helpful for my TMJ. After a session with Sage I am able to open my jaw wider and without the clicking and pain I experience due to the TMJ.

Advanced Bodywork
Monica / Florida


I was in so much pain I didn’t know what to do. I called Sage and told her my arm couldn’t move and I was in constant pain. I was taking Tylenol and icing my arm constantly and still no relief. I said it was an emergency and she scheduled me in that day. After 1 session with Sage my pain was gone!!! I still needed two more sessions to help get full motion of my arm but it was amazing how much she helped me.

Advanced Bodywork
Robin A. / Longwood, FL


I am so grateful for finding Sage Madrone. Over the years she has given me relief after 2 falls and a car accident but her biggest help comes from helping me wake up without neck pain. Her energy work and other techniques have gently undone years of body damage. Wish I had had Sage to help me many years ago. Had searched for affordable cranial sacral therapist for years after reading about this in Andrew Weil's books. I can afford her since my insurance doesn't cover any alternative medicine.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
Peggy / Oviedo, FL


Donna Eden's Energy Medicine as practiced by Sage has allowed me to stop taking the prescribed meds for acid reflux and other GI problems after many, many years causing additional health problems. The combination of the energy practice and massage therapies have provided me with stomach relief that has lead to weight loss, the ability to sleep better, and a brighter outlook on my future health.

Energy Medicine