Looking for an Energy Medicine Practitioner Near You?

An energy medicine practitioner is someone who looks at and treats the body not only on the physical level, but also in the way the body interacts with subtle energies within itself and of the Universe.  There are many schools of energetic healing and energy medicine.  The main types of energy medicine Sage works with are Eden Energy Medicine, theta healing, craniosacral therapy, light/sound healing and energy clearing.


Types of Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is an unusually gifted healer.  When she looks at a body, she sees not the skin and bones, but the atoms that make up the human body.  She confirms what Eastern philosophers have said for thousands of years:  a healthy body is made up of eight very organized and complex movement patterns of atoms.  Each pattern is a system.  The eight systems of the body are: blood flow, lymph flow, meridians, electrical, magnetic, chakras, and radiant circuits.  There are also general principles that need to be in effect for those systems to function correctly.  For example, the energies need to be grounded.  They need to be connected to the energy of the Universe.  They need to cross over in the body.

As a child, Donna noticed that interrupted patterns would make people sick and when atom pathways flowed properly, health returned.  But not everyone has this particular way of seeing the human body.  Using muscle testing to tune into the body’s intuition, Donna realized she could teach others to test, correct and retest the body’s systems.  Sage is a graduate of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.  She has completed two years of intensive training and continues to learn and practice Eden Energy Medicine.

Theta Healing

Disease often has an emotional component; therefore, complete healing often requires the release of both physical and emotional stressors.  Theta healing is a technique where the practitioner uses theta brain wave levels and the subconscious of the client to release pain, trauma, and events on all time continuum levels: past, present and future. The client must be willing to participate by answering questions asked by the practitioner.  Theta healing can be combined with table work such as advanced bodywork, Trager or craniosacral therapy.

CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy has both physical and energetic aspects.  It corrects the cerebrospinal fluid rhythm but also is a journey into the subtler energies within and without the body.  As you become more familiar with these subtle energies, you can use these tools to connect with the energy of the Universe to grow and expand emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  Read more about craniosacral therapy here.